FozDigital Portfolio Yenibirlider Dernegi

Yenibirlider Association

The Yenibirlider Association, which aims to unite young individuals from various universities and companies, had their website and promotional materials designed to meet their specific needs. I had the pleasure of designing these materials, including social media visuals and brochures, to help promote their mission and bring more awareness to their cause.
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FozDigital Portfolio Enbead

Bead Technology

Bead Technology, a German technology company, has implemented an innovative solution to save energy in large buildings. By utilizing sensors, they have developed a cutting-edge technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach energy efficiency. As part of their efforts to expand their reach, I have developed a website for Bead Technology to showcase their groundbreaking work and help spread awareness about their mission.
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FozDigital Portfolio Alfred


Alfred Concierge Services' new website is a testament to my expertise in web design. With a focus on multilingual functionality and modern design, the site offers clients the convenience of hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly service rentals. As a web designer, I am proud to have played a role in making Alfred's clients' lives easier.
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FozDigital Portfolio 1M Technology

1M Technology

As a web designer, my task was to create a website that showcases the expertise of 1M Technology, a London-based company that specializes in creating embedded computing solutions for automation projects. The website highlights their commitment to quality and performance, and serves as a platform to display their services and achievements.
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FozDigital Portfolio Hazar Insaat

Hazar Construction Company

Hazar Construction Company, established in 1983, is a company that operates in the tourism, real estate, and construction industries. I had the opportunity to design their website, which showcases their extensive experience and expertise in these fields. With a strong foundation and a commitment to quality, Hazar Construction Company is a trusted name in the industry.
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FozDigital Portfolio Hazartema 1


The HAZARTEMA housing projects, designed by Hazar Construction company, can be found in multiple cities throughout Turkey. To showcase these projects, a website has been created for easy access and viewing.
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