FozDigital Portfolio Ontrava


Ontrava is a rising website and mobile application in Turkey that focuses on providing the latest trends and news. Their mission is to keep their users informed and up-to-date. The app quickly gained popularity and rose to the top of the charts within its first week of publication. It remained in the top five news apps for a considerable amount of time. I have been entrusted with the design of this successful app and website. I was also one of the co-founders.
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FozDigital Portfolio ZeroWatt Sweden

ZeroWatt Sweden

ZeroWatt Groupo AB is a Swedish company with a wealth of experience in electro-engineering, radio communications, and LED lighting sales for public organizations. To help them reach a wider audience, I am proud to have created a fast, multilingual website for them with the support of wholesale in WooCommerce.
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FozDigital Portfolio Galata Business Angels

Galata Business Angels

The Galata Business Angels (GBA) network is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs with high potential connect with experienced investors to achieve successful digital outcomes. As part of this mission, I am honoured to have the opportunity to redesign their multilingual website, which will help facilitate these important connections and support the growth of innovative businesses.
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FozDigital Portfolio Pek Food 2

Pek Food V2

Sanko Holding, one of Turkey's top holdings, owns the Pek Food brand. As part of their rebranding efforts, I have redesigned their website twice, creating V1 and V2 versions. The goal was to make it simple for customers to purchase healthy frozen foods online.
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FozDigital Portfolio Done


As a designer, I had the opportunity to work with a German start-up called Done8. My role was to create their brand identity and application interfaces, ensuring that they met the specific needs and requirements of the company. From start to finish, I worked closely with the team to deliver a seamless and effective design flow.
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FozDigital Portfolio Gezimingo


Gezimingo is a travel platform that simplifies the process of planning your next adventure. As the designer, I created both the website and logo for this innovative platform. With Gezimingo, you can easily plan and organize your travels, making your next trip a stress-free and enjoyable experience.
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