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Happy Finish

Happy Finish is a global creative agency that provides a diverse range of technology-driven services to both consumer and enterprise brands. Their expertise spans from integrated global campaigns and strategic creative solutions to digital product twinning and interactive experiences. Additionally, they specialize in virtual production and content creation, making them a comprehensive solution for all your creative needs. As the creator of Happy Finish's brand new website, I am proud to be associated with such a dynamic and innovative agency.
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FozDigital Portfolio BudgetFitter


With over 750 brands in the United Kingdom, BudgetFitter is a website that offers coupons and deals to help consumers save money. Created with the intention of providing a wide range of discounts and promotions, BudgetFitter specializes in clothing, electronics, groceries, and more. As a proud creator of BudgetFitter, I am dedicated to helping users find the best deals and save money on their purchases.
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FozDigital Portfolio Stonna Steel Structures

Stonna Steel Structures

Stonna Limited's subsidiary, Stonna Steel Structures, now has a brand new website designed by me. The website showcases their expertise in creating seamless and smooth steel structures for a variety of purposes, including industrial, residential, and commercial use.
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FozDigital Portfolio Essina Wholefoods

Essina Wholefoods

Essina Wholefoods is an online store that specializes in selling whole foods from Africa directly to customers in the UK. To make the shopping experience seamless and convenient, a Shopify e-commerce site was developed for the brand. Now, customers can easily browse and purchase a variety of nutritious and delicious whole foods from the comfort of their own homes.
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