FozDigital Portfolio Citiletter


As the creator of Citiletter, I took charge of designing the mobile application, website, and overall aesthetic of the travel platform. My goal was to ensure that users had an exceptional experience while using the platform.
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FozDigital Portfolio Dr Oil

Dr. Oil

Dr.Oil is a globally recognized brand that has made a name for itself in the Saudi Arabian market. With its high-quality products and exceptional customer service, Dr.Oil has expanded its reach to customers all over the world. As a web developer, I had the privilege of working with the Dr.Oil team to create their WordPress website, which showcases their brand and products in the best possible light.
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FozDigital Portfolio Naturligt Kosmetik

Naturligt Kosmetik

Naturligt Kosmetik is a natural cosmetic seller based in Sweden, Netherlands, and Denmark. To better serve their customers, I created an e-commerce website using WordPress WooCommerce. This platform allows for easy online shopping and secure transactions, making it convenient for customers to purchase their favourite natural beauty products.
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FozDigital Portfolio Bionnex


Using WordPress WooCommerce, I created an e-commerce platform for Bionnex, a dermo-cosmetic brand with a global presence in five countries. The website was designed to facilitate online sales and enhance the customer experience for users across the world.
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FozDigital Portfolio Celenes

Celenes by Sweden

Using WordPress WooCommerce, I created an international e-commerce website for Celenes by Sweden, a Swedish FMCG cosmetic manufacturer. The website was designed to showcase the company's products and make them easily accessible to customers around the world.
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FozDigital Portfolio Yomi Kastro

Yomi Kastro

Yomi Kastro, a seasoned investor and board member of over 20 successful internet ventures, now has a brand new website. The website showcases his impressive track record and expertise in the industry, making it easier for potential partners and clients to learn more about him and his work.
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