For over six decades, Hopkins has been a catering powerhouse. I revamped their e-commerce website with a bespoke design, tailored to their unique offerings and high-quality products. Now, their wholesale business thrives online, reaching new customers and securing future success.
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News travels fast, especially when it's designed well. Ontrava, Turkey's rising news app, soared to the top of the charts within its first week, and I was part of the magic. I co-founded and designed this successful platform, keeping users informed and engaged with a captivating experience.
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ZeroWatt Sweden

From electro-engineering to online success, I powered up ZeroWatt Sweden's website. This multilingual platform, built with wholesale functionality, reaches a wider audience and showcases their expertise in LED lighting sales for public organizations.
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Galata Business Angels

Connecting innovative minds with experienced investors – that's the mission of Galata Business Angels, and I designed a website to make it happen. This multilingual platform facilitates connections and supports the growth of businesses with high potential, all thanks to a user-friendly experience and my creative touch.
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FozDigital Portfolio - Pek Food 2

Pek Food V2

Sanko Holding's Pek Food brand got a double dose of design genius! I tackled two website redesigns for Pek Food, simplifying online purchases of their healthy frozen foods and keeping customers in Turkey coming back for more. Each iteration boosted organic traffic and solidified their position as a leader in the convenient and nourishing food market.
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Doing good, one design at a time – that's the story behind done8's app and brand identity, both born from my creative process. This German start-up connects volunteers with meaningful opportunities, and my design ensures a seamless and impactful experience for all involved.
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