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Most of the companies we worked with had common complaints. Individuals who introduce themselves as “SEO Experts” with a few lessons on the Internet put companies in a difficult situation. SEO is not just about writing articles and getting backlinks to them.

SEO is everything search engines consider: a correctly coded website, speed, hosting quality, trending technologies, well-written texts, backlinks, sitemaps, relationships with search engines… These are such different fields from each other that one of them should be taken care of by a web developer expert, while the other issue should be taken care of by a digital marketing expert.

Suppose you are looking for a Technical SEO expert. We are here! We will check up on the health of your WordPress website and create a report. Then, we apply them. After you have a healthy technical SEO infrastructure, you will easily get the efficiency of every work done by your digital marketing specialist.

You don’t have a WordPress website? You may consider switching your website to WordPress.

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If you decide to work with us; we will protect you and us with the Professional Indemnity Insurance (covers up to £50,000) and the Professional Liability Insurance (covers up to £1,000,000) issued by Finsbury Insurance Group in the UK. We also send you a proposal and a contract that you can sign as digital before we start. Get ready for a reliable service!

You will be able to pay with your international bank/credit card through our online secured payment system by Stripe with an extra %5 commission rate if you prefer.