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WordPress & WooCommerce

Our special solution packages are ready for the needs of every customer. We are a solution partner that specializes in WordPress and WooCommerce, the world's most preferred CMS software. We can figure out all your needs in this field.



It is ideal for our customers looking for affordable and reliable service to build their first website.

Estimated Duration: 3 – 7 days



It is for our corporate customers who want to work with a reliable expert and expect high-level work.

Estimated Duration: 7 – 14 days



It is for those who are completely focused on online sales and want to sell without commission.

Estimated Duration: 14 – 28 days

** Installing WordPress, license fees of the theme to be used, adjusting responsive design dynamics compatible with mobile devices, purchasing and installing plugins with a value of more than 500 USD, front-end/back-end studies suitable for your corporate identity, technical SEO work, Schema.org standards compliance, speed improvements, and social media sharing compatibility services are included by default in all our packages. You can enrich your website even more with our additional service packages for your different needs.

What Can We Do More?

Special Design Drawing and Coding

Teams write many premium themes for WordPress. In the packages we have presented above, we carefully pick up the technically successful themes for your website, buy its license and customize it to be compatible with your corporate identity.

If you want to make a difference by planning your website from scratch beyond these standard and similar templates, we recommend taking this service. In this process, we will first work on your website’s UI / UX design following the rules of your corporate identity in Adobe XD. Later, we will integrate this design that we have drawn specifically for you into WordPress by coding. Especially in e-commerce, you want customized product pages from scratch. If you want to have a customized corporate website, this is our ideal offer, and it is only valid as an additional service in our Business and E-Commerce packages. The estimated average project duration is between 1-3 months.

Monthly Maintenance Services

If you do not have a human resource to take care of your website’s technical infrastructure in your company, we figure out your needs. It covers several studies such as taking daily backups of your website, applying your revision needs, making the necessary updates to keep it up with new trends, security checks and implementing your new requirements that may arise. Generally, we can carry out this process smoothly in coordination with your digital marketing teams.

Content Studies

If you do not have a human resource that undertakes your content, such as written content or visuals on your website, we can also do content studies suitable for your corporate identity within this scope.

Migrating to WordPress

If you want to continue with the powerful WordPress world by migrating your site currently running in platforms such as Wix, Shopify, Joomla, Ticimax etc. to WordPress; We can also carry out your content/product migration operations without loss.

Multilingual Website Infrastructure

We can prepare your website in accordance with your international goals and provide multiple language options.

Payment System Support

It is mandatory for our customers who want to have an e-commerce website and do not have any payment infrastructure solution.

Search Engine Connection

We make the necessary integrations for Google to ensure it detects and scans your website. Thus, by adding your pages to search engines, you can become competitive with your competitors.

Cloudflare CDN & Firewall Setup

We are installing Cloudflare CDN and an optional monthly subscription Cloudflare firewall to load your website at the same speed worldwide.

Security Enhancements

To protect your website from possible attacks, we install the necessary admin panel IP blocking and Sucuri plugin.

Progressive Web App Integration (PWA)

With the Progressive Web App (PWA), we can add features such as offline viewing for mobile visitors of your website by adding to the smartphone menu.

Push Notifications

You can send push notifications to mobile and desktop devices through the browser to people who subscribe to your website.

Google Instant Indexing

We can set up the necessary Google API integration to reflect your website’s content on Google as quickly as possible.

Other Needs

We can also work and apply features that are not included in this list on your website.

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