Web Development

FozDigital Portfolio Hazartema 1


From tourism and real estate to construction excellence, Hazar Construction Company showcases its diverse expertise through a website I crafted. This platform highlights their extensive experience and commitment to quality, solidifying their reputation as a trusted name in the industry and attracting new clients across their various ventures.
FozDigital Portfolio Kuponigo


In a world of fake coupons and confusing layouts, Kuponigo needed a hero. I crafted a clean UI and UX that skyrocketed their affiliate revenue, making them a leading website for savvy shoppers seeking deals across over 1000 Turkish brands.
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FozDigital Portfolio Stonna


From design to construction, Stonna and its subsidiary Stonna Steel Structures rely on my expertise. Their websites showcase their seamless design and construction services for industrial, residential, and commercial projects, attracting clients and boosting brand awareness.
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FozDigital Portfolio Dijitopia


Sharing stories, building bridges, and celebrating immigrant experiences – Dijitopia is much more than a video platform. With its cutting-edge design and intuitive interface, this platform, brought to life by me, empowers immigrants in the UK and Europe to share their unique perspectives and connect with their community. Organic traffic thrives as users engage with this powerful tool for cultural exchange.
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FozDigital Portfolio Inveon


From pixels to profits, I spearheaded the renewal of Invenon's website, a digital commerce agency serving over 14 countries. With careful consideration and a user-friendly design, we crafted a platform that empowers their clients to achieve sustainable growth in the digital marketplace.
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FozDigital Portfolio Olio e Piu

Olio E Più

A taste of Italy delivered to your doorstep – Olio E Più is an e-commerce haven for authentic Italian food products. The Shopify website I designed highlights their high-quality olive oil, pasta, and other delicacies, inviting UK customers to experience the rich Italian culture through every delicious bite. Organic traffic flourishes as online gourmands discover the joys of Olio E Più.
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