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FozDigital Portfolio - Stonna Steel Structures

Stonna Steel Structures

From design to construction, Stonna and its subsidiary Stonna Steel Structures rely on my expertise. Their websites showcase their seamless design and construction services for industrial, residential, and commercial projects, attracting clients and boosting brand awareness.
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FozDigital Portfolio Essina Wholefoods

Essina Wholefoods

Forget supermarket aisles – embark on a culinary safari from your own kitchen! This online haven transports you straight to Africa, where vibrant spices, nutrient-packed grains, and exotic delicacies await. I designed their Shopify e-commerce website to be your personal guide, making it a breeze to browse, discover, and stock your pantry with the goodness of Africa.
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FozDigital Portfolio - Pek Food 1

Pek Food V1

Sanko Holding's Pek Food brand got a double dose of design genius! I tackled two website redesigns for Pek Food, simplifying online purchases of their healthy frozen foods and keeping customers in Turkey coming back for more. Each iteration boosted organic traffic and solidified their position as a leader in the convenient and nourishing food market.
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FozDigital Portfolio Alfred


Multilingual, modern, and convenient – Alfred Concierge Services found their perfect match in my design skills. Their new website offers hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly service rentals, making life easier for clients seeking top-notch assistance. Seamless functionality and a sleek interface attract visitors and turn them into loyal customers.
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FozDigital Portfolio Hazar Insaat

Hazar Construction Company

From tourism and real estate to construction excellence, Hazar Construction Company showcases its diverse expertise through a website I crafted. This platform highlights their extensive experience and commitment to quality, solidifying their reputation as a trusted name in the industry and attracting new clients across their various ventures.
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