FozDigital Portfolio BudgetFitter


With over 750 brands in the United Kingdom, BudgetFitter is a website that offers coupons and deals to help consumers save money. Created with the intention of providing a wide range of discounts and promotions, BudgetFitter specializes in clothing, electronics, groceries, and more. As a proud creator of BudgetFitter, I am dedicated to helping users find the best deals and save money on their purchases.
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FozDigital Portfolio Kuponigo


Consumers in Turkey can save money with coupons and deals from Kuponigo, a website offering discounts and promotions on clothing, electronics, groceries, and more. Kuponigo specializes in clothing, electronics, groceries, and more. Kuponigo was created by me with the intention of helping users find great deals and save money on their purchases.
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FozDigital Portfolio Dijitopia


Dijitopia is a cutting-edge video platform designed specifically for immigrants living in the United Kingdom and Europe. With this innovative web-app, users can easily share their unique stories and experiences with others in the immigrant community. As part of the project, I also developed a fresh new logo and brand identity to help Dijitopia stand out in a crowded digital landscape.
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FozDigital Portfolio Done


As a designer, I had the opportunity to work with a German start-up called Done8. My role was to create their brand identity and application interfaces, ensuring that they met the specific needs and requirements of the company. From start to finish, I worked closely with the team to deliver a seamless and effective design flow.
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FozDigital Portfolio Gezimingo


Gezimingo is a travel platform that simplifies the process of planning your next adventure. As the designer, I created both the website and logo for this innovative platform. With Gezimingo, you can easily plan and organize your travels, making your next trip a stress-free and enjoyable experience.
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FozDigital Portfolio Citiletter


As the creator of Citiletter, I took charge of designing the mobile application, website, and overall aesthetic of the travel platform. My goal was to ensure that users had an exceptional experience while using the platform.
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